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Give back to your community by volunteering with Bordentown City Cats today. There are so many different opportunities to join us in the goal to help as many neighborhood cats as possible. Contact us to get involved.


Through several different avenues (Including TNR), BCC comes across cats and kittens that can be adopted. These cats and kittens are placed in foster homes where they are socialized, and given personal care and attention. BCC is not a shelter; cats are not housed in a facility. We rely on people like you to help care for animals while they await their fur-ever home.

Stella's kittens
BCC Community Cat

TNR (Trap. Neuter. Return.)

TNR is an often misunderstood part of a cat rescue. However, an unmanaged cat population can become a nuisance for communities and a threat to native wildlife species. With TNR, cats can have healthier lives with less competition and less aggression. Not only is it humane, but it leads to fewer cats ending up in an overwhelmed shelter system where they may unfortunately be euthanized. Volunteers trap and care for the cats before and after surgery. If the cats are young enough or have a friendly temperament, they will be placed in a foster home; otherwise they will be returned... But they are not forgotten! BCC continues to feed and care for the feral colonies. They are monitored and provided with medical care if needed.

Fundraising and Community Outreach

This organization is run entirely on donations and support from the community. Therefore, we are involved in events that require volunteers to help with planning, setting up, and interacting with people.


Community outreach is important because our neighbors help us locate and care for our feral population. Through education we help our community understand the need and impact of caring for our community cats. 

BCC Fundraiser
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